Nigeria: Are Growing Regional Coups a Warning of Things to Come?”


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In the midst of rising concerns over military coups across Africa, particularly in the West African subregion, the Nigerian Federal Government has firmly dismissed any notion of a coup taking place in Nigeria. They assert that Nigeria has evolved beyond the era of forceful government takeovers.

The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, emphasized in a recent interview that Nigerians have fully embraced democracy, and the nation’s democratic institutions have grown stronger over time. Despite neighboring countries like Niger Republic experiencing recent coups, the Nigerian government insists there is no reason for alarm.

Meanwhile, retired generals, in separate interviews, cautioned that the key to preventing coups on the continent lies in elected leaders respecting constitutional provisions and ensuring good governance. They did not endorse military takeovers but stressed the importance of leaders being accountable and avoiding repressive rule to eliminate the possibility of coups.

The continent has witnessed several coups in recent years, including the most recent one in Gabon, which marked the seventh coup in Africa within three years. Soldiers in Gabon seized power, placing the President, Ali Bongo, and his family under house arrest and annulling a recent presidential election. Gabon is in Central Africa.

Other countries in Africa, including Niger Republic, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Guinea, and Mali, have experienced coups or political unrest, reflecting a complex political landscape across the continent.

Notably, West Africa, which includes Nigeria, has recorded the highest number of coups among the subregions, with four incidents. Central Africa has seen two, while North Africa has witnessed one.

Despite the increasing coup-related events across Africa, the Nigerian government remains steadfast in its belief that Nigeria is immune to such occurrences. The Information Minister emphasized that Nigeria’s strong democratic institutions and the collective rejection of military takeovers make it unlikely for such an event to occur.

while coups have become a recurring issue in some African countries, the Nigerian government maintains confidence in the stability of its democratic system. However, the situation across Africa serves as a stark reminder of the importance of upholding democratic values and good governance to safeguard against political instability and potential coups. The future remains uncertain, and vigilance is necessary to protect the democratic gains achieved in Nigeria and the broader African continent.

Dear fellow Nigerians, considering the current trends in Africa, do you believe that Nigeria is on the path towards a military coup?


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